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SAMSUNG 36" Induction Cooktop (NZ36K7880UG)

3 out of 5
(1 customer review)


  • Virtual Flame Technology™
  • FlexCook Zone
  • 4800 W 7/11 Dual Burner
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity






1 review for SAMSUNG 36″ Induction Cooktop (NZ36K7880UG)

  1. 3 out of 5


    Not working with nonstick cookware well

    I bought this unit from best buy to replace a working GE gas cooktop, very excited with look and cool smartthing. I clean it every night to make it like new. My wife cooked most of the time, and kept complaining the right front burner did not work normally, it did not turn on, and making click sound. We bough new cookware, and the same thing happens. Strange thing is same pan works fine at other burner, and other brand induction cooktop. Samsung engineer told us to buy new cookware. All top brand cookware at Costco, Walmart, …, we bought have the same problem with just one burner. The engineer told us to use the one the match the circle, completely bottom flat (i.e without brand embossed on the bottom). I looked everywhere for this but all cookware have then brand at the bottom. I don’t know if we are confused or Samsung engineer, we spent 2200 for cooktop, 1000 for wiring 220v to our kitchen, installation fee, and we have to use only 1 size of pan that match the circle, and “non-brand” cookware. This does not happen with other brand

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