SAMSUNG 24 in. Front Control Dishwasher SS (DW80N3030US)

3.87 out of 5
(100 customer reviews)


  • Stainless Interior Door
  • 3rd Rack
  • 51 dBA
  • Digital Touch Controls





100 reviews for SAMSUNG 24 in. Front Control Dishwasher SS (DW80N3030US)

  1. 1 out of 5



    Out of the box and it’s broken?! Constant running noise out of the gate, never used just plugged in and there is some how water already in it and it’s trying to run with out even being powered on!? Save your money!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MACHINE!! Please learn from our mistakes!! First samsung appliance purchased, LAST samsung appliance purchased.

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  2. 1 out of 5

    Maria-Jose Bowring

    What a waste!!

    My dishwasher was good for one year and one month, just enough time for the warranty to be expired. Anyways…what a waste of energy and resources for making an appliance that it is not working after one year and one month! I know that we don’t expect to have a dishwasher to last more than 5 years any more….but not even 2 years before we have to call Samsung Support. Are our expectations about the durability of appliances got so low that after one year and one month, we shrugged our shoulders and called the “Samsung expert” made it OK? We are no buying Samsung ever again, and we are not repairing either…I just wished we could recycle it in any way, not just throwing it in the landfill

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  3. 2 out of 5


    when it works it works pretty good

    We purchased this earlier this year. It every once in a while would flash heavy and express meaning dishwasher could not heat up. When it started happening more often we contacted Samsung and they sent a repairman. He really had no idea what was wrong as it did flash errors every single time, thus making it hard to determine what is wrong. He changed all parts on it he possibly could and after a few weeks it has started doing the same thing. I now have to contact repairman again for him to come out again. At this point I just want a replacement. Its a lemon. We even replaced our hot water tank. Wasting water and dishwashing tabs not to mention our time. Not thrilled with this purchase.

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  4. 1 out of 5


    Not a Good Machine – Very Disappointed

    Bought this 2 months ago and it has been disappointing since day 1. Dishes have to be pre-rinsed or the filter basket plugs and floods machine. Unit goes into error, opening the door results in water getting in the leak detector pan. Then the unit flashes overflow alarm and pump runs continuously, even with the door open. Power has to be cut off at the breaker. Machine then has to be removed from the cupboard, tipped on its side, pan removed and dried out then put back together and reinstalled. Not fun. Bottom basket “derails” easily when fully extended. Baskets are flimsy. This is a poorly designed machine and we are returning it. It is made in China. We are buying a North American built product.

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  5. 1 out of 5

    Clean Dishes

    A Lemon

    Poor Quality-parts falling apart-phases where the dishwasher will not start -.many times stuck washing all the dishes from inside the dishwasher-I hope somebody from Quality Control reads all the reviews

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  6. 5 out of 5


    Sleek and Quiet

    This dishwasher has changed my mindset on doing dishes. It’s so much easier to just put my dishes in here with some stuff on them and not worry have about if they will be cleaned when it’s done. There is so much room inside and I love the third shelf on top, it’s definitely more efficient than my old machine. There aren’t any water spots or debris left on my dishes when I removed them. So far my favorite feature is definitely the 60min wash, it’s fast and works just as good as the regular cycles. This dishwasher is also really quiet, I appreciate that since I do a lot of work at my kitchen island. My husband doesn’t mind loading the dishes into it since he doesn’t have to scrub anything prior to starting it! It’s a win for all!

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  7. 1 out of 5

    M Ki

    Broken after 15 months

    You expect a dishwasher to last more than 5 years. Mine lasted for 15 months when it is just out of warranty.

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  8. 1 out of 5

    disappointed home owner

    Very Disappointed!!!

    THIS DW WAS THE CHOICE OF OWNERS, A REMODEL, PREPARING FOR SALE OF THE HOUSE-I THINK THEY PAID OVER $500-= WHAT A RIP OFF-THE THIRD DRAWER DOES NOT GET THE DINNERWARE CLEAN, ITS A CONSTANT STRUGGLE GETTING THE DRAWER IN OR OUT-sounds so rickety and moves that way as well- I usually wind up running the DW twice to get the dishes clean ): I would not recommend to my worse enemy-

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  9. 2 out of 5

    NM Guy

    Middle Rack Deteriorating

    I bought this 15 months ago and initially I was very pleased with the quietness and the results of performing a dish-washing on a normal cycle. However, after approximately 15 months my large middle rack is deteriorating in four distinct places. I mean it has already worn through and has this brown rotten look! Obviously it’s beyond the 1 year warranty, so I’m out-of-pocket on this one. I have owned many Samsung products from TVs to many different appliances, but I’m not happy with the quality of this product and I would not recommend to anyone (unless you can get an extended warranty to cover this). My Samsung days may be over with this type of workmanship.

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  10. 2 out of 5


    Not good dishwasher!

    I don’t recommend this dishwasher to anybody. Baskets dont move easily. At the showroom it was good, however the one they brought to our house horrible. After washing the dishes you smell the detergent on the dishes. I stopped locking the lid of the detergent holder. It’s much better. Also the design of the baskets horrible.The plates and glasses don’t fit well. I had inecpesive ordinary dishwasher, and it was better.
    Please don’t buy this dishwasher.

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  11. 1 out of 5


    Warning buyer beware

    the only thing worst than the dishwasher is their customer service i had to replace the water inlet valve and the customer support idiots gave wrong PART NUMBER!!! so I ordered the wrong part only lasted w year with 3 months piece of junk

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  12. 1 out of 5


    Terrible purchase…stay away

    I haven’t had this dish washer more than 6 months and it has already stopped working. Leak detector fault displays all the time, locking out the dishwasher. There is no leak..I’ve pulled it out and checked the area underneath. I imagine the sensors and design are poor engineering. The part is about $20 on amazon…plan on replacing it regularly. I agree with other raters…the front panel buttons are extremely sensitive and you will constantly turn the DW on and off when you are near it. The utensil rack slots are so tiny you cannot fit regular sized forks, knives, etc in the slots.

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  13. 1 out of 5



    DO NOT buy this dishwasher. A year and 1 month after having this dishwasher it has been flashing an error message and is leaking. We can’t figure out we’re the leak is and the quote to have it looked at isn’t even worth having them come out compared to the cost of the dishwasher. I’m very disappointed in Samsung. They should stand by their products.

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  14. 1 out of 5

    Leon W.

    Do not purchase this thing.

    I would give zero stars if I could. We have had this thing a little over a year. The system keeps saying there is a leak and the normal light keeps blinking. If we shut the thing off for 48 hours it may complete one set of dishes. Samsung maintenance is no help as they say we are outside of the manufacturers warranty and we would have to pay to have someone look at it. A completely horrible purchase. Do not waste your money or energy on this machine.

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  15. 1 out of 5

    Kelly Yarbrough

    Completely broke within a year

    The first month, we enjoyed this product, but that quickly changed. We have had this washer fixed three different times and it is always the same problem. An error message comes on indicating there is a water leak. After paying to have this washer fixed three times, it has now completely broken. When we bought this less than a year ago, we are very frustrated. Please do not suffer the same fate as we have. Look elsewhere.

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  16. 1 out of 5


    Extremely disappointed

    Installed on 12-19-19. Failed after Christmas. Repaired by factory on 01-01- 2020 (New Year’s day). Bad leak detector. Failed again on 01-03-2020. Extremely unreliable at this point. Showing error for failure to heat. Next repair scheduled for 01-08-2020 after spending 3 hours scheduling. Getting very angry with Samsung.

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  17. 2 out of 5

    David Sidell

    Sleek Looking Dishwasher

    every time the washer is finished, the items inside are still soaked.

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  18. 1 out of 5


    Stay away from Samsung Appliances

    my first samsung appliance was purchased. in december 2017 it has fallen apart just 1 1/2 year . i need a new part already. i called samsung twice and received no help at all.

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  19. 1 out of 5


    worst dishwasher

    i’ve had this for two weeks and its been nothing but issues. its not broken its just a nightmare to use. never stops beeping, stops mid-cycle..

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  20. 4 out of 5


    Very Quiet and efficient

    While we had a few issues with the installation and missing parts and had to wait for a new unit to be delivered and installed, we are finally able to use our dishwasher! It is incredibly quiet. I start it and sometimes forget that it is even running while I am still in the kitchen. It also holds so much! What used to be 2 loads for us can easily fit in just 1 load. I really like the express cycle when I am in need of dishes in a more timely manner. It does a good job cleaning things too. I experimented with really dirty dishes that had been sitting for a while and all were clean except 1. So it isn’t a miracle worker, but does a good job. It also looks nice. It is very square and rigid, but matches our other stainless appliances. It does show fingerprints very easily as most stainless does, but maybe slightly more than our other appliances. We are looking forward to getting to use our dishwasher daily and experience the near-silence and efficiency of this unit for years to come!

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  21. 4 out of 5


    I love the interior design

    I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about getting a new dishwasher but I Wanted to update this appliance so Id have all new appliances in my kitchen. I had had my previous washer for 20 years with no problems so venturing out to get something new was a big step for me. Upon installation I was anxious to get to use it. I love the idea of having three shelves! And the second shelf is able to move up or down to accommodate larger dishes on the bottom shelf. The only thing so far that causes me to rate it four stars is I feel the pieces that flap down over the cups in the second shelf seem to be made very cheaply. They are flimsy and don’t move very easy. I don’t plan on actually using these flaps so hoping they won’t bother me too much. I absolutely love the silverware container . The special slots for each piece of silverware keeps the compartments from getting over crowded and remaining dirty, and the unloading process is made so much easier with this organization. This dishwasher is so quiet compared to my old one. I am thoroughly enjoying my dishwasher so far.

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  22. 3 out of 5


    Not a fan

    Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the Front Controls at all. Every time I walk by it, it turns on and because it doesn’t have a latch to lock it, you barely have to touch it for it to lock.
    I have only used it 3 times and am the type to wash the dishes before placing them in, so I don’t understand why it smells so badly inside.
    Between the easy lock, the even easier powering on just by brushing by it and the awful smell I definitely would not recommend.

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  23. 3 out of 5


    Easily turns on by just walking by it

    Even though it does work, the shelves are not tall enough for larger items so the racks get stuck on everyday items like spatulas and tongs.
    Anything put on the top shelf like lids are left in puddles of water, even with heated dry and a rinse agent.
    We have only used it now 5 times and it already has an odor and we wash our dishes prior to placing in.
    The biggest problem is with the placement of the control panel.
    When anyone walks by it, it automatically turns on with a mere brush of the body.
    The entire design of this product is off and I definitely would not recommend.

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  24. 4 out of 5


    Awesome new dishwasher!

    I am a huge fan of this new stainless steel dishwasher by Samsung! I love how much quieter it is, and it does such a good job in cleaning our dishes. The top slide-out rack is awesome for large spatulas as well as lids, etc. that usually don’t get very clean or slip through the cracks. The only tip I want to mention is that once you start the cleaning cycle and forget to put something in the dishwasher a few mins later, the dishwasher almost “restarts” the cycle all over again – there is no way to “pause” and “resume” it – so make sure you put everything in the dishwasher right before you start the cycle. Overall, I do love it since it does such an awesome job cleaning and looks great in my kitchen!

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  25. 2 out of 5


    Hoping it would be better

    I was happy to be chosen for this campaign. My current dishwasher was not working and we tried everything to make it work correctly. So when this one arrived from #SamsungInsiders the wife and I were excited. Hooked it up, read the manual, followed all that they wanted and nope same result, food left on the dishes and sprayed up to the cups. Samsung washers do not have a food grinder, this is what causes it to happen. Well.. we lightly washed and soaked the dishes, tried again with minimal food on them, same result. Not happy at all. So needless to say I should have just left well enough alone and kept my old washer. I guess the only plus out of this is that we do like the way the racks are configured verses the old Samsung we had. Also having the controls on the front verses on top is very nice. Sorry Insiders and Samsung but this washer is a flop.

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  26. 4 out of 5


    Quiet Clean

    The Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior is surprisingly quiet. Out of all of the good things about this dishwasher, the quietness is the most surprising. The dishrack arrangement is spacious and can fit many more dishes than previous dishwashers that I have owned. The third rack for flatware can free up even more space for plates if you choose to remove the flatware caddy. The most notable negative so far is the dry cycle; it does not get everything thoroughly dry. Even when using the suggested dryer-aid, the glassware on the middle shelf is often left wet. Overall the dishwasher does a great job of cleaning the dishes.

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  27. 4 out of 5


    Decent dishwasher

    I was very excited to upgrade my old white dishwasher with this Samsung stainless steel one. My fridge and microwave are both Samsung stainless steel and i love them. This dishwasher is decent but does have its pros and cons. Pros being the look is very sleek and exactly what i wanted. It has good helpful features. I like that the buttons make noise when pressed. I like that i can set a delay timer. I like that it has an awesome 3rd rack up top which is especially nice when you have as many sippy cups and bottles to wash as i do! I like that my kids 4yr and under arent strong enough to open it themselves. I also like that there is a 60 minute Express option. Which goes into my first con. The cycles are very long! Nearly 2 hours unless i press Express 60. Even with the heated dry option the dishes stay pretty wet. I also have had to rewash some items. My last con is how touchy the buttons are! I cannot even count how many times i have accidently turned on the dishwasher by barely brushing up to it. I have also accidently turned it off in the middle of a cycle which was most frustrating. I hope my feedback helps someone decide this dishwasher is for them. But i also do not want it to deter anyone as i am still more happy with this dishwasher than my old one that i had upgraded from.

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  28. 3 out of 5


    2 hrs wash cycle

    I was excited when my wife told me she was getting a new dishwasher that actually worked but it was a mess from the start from getting it to installing it. We have had the dishwasher installed and working for well over a month now and you cannot lean or touch anywhere near it or you’ll turn it on and if you happen to hit a button while it’s going it will shut it down and you’ll have to start the cycle all over again, it has a few differnt cycles which is nice but if you put it on anything but Express it will run got well over 3hrs from start to finish which seems excessive. Depending on what you are washing determines what cycle you should use because if you try to use the quick cycle you’ll get dirty dishes. The silverware on the top rack is usually still dirty which is really disappointing. Overall it looks nice and gets the job done but I wish we would have done more research and went with a better model.

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  29. 4 out of 5


    Can you hear me now?

    The installers arrived on time and had the dishwasher installed in no time. They suggested running the dishwasher empty for one cycle before running it with dishes so I did. This is an amazing improvement over the builder grade dishwasher I previously had. The flexibility of the racks makes it easy to wash pots, pans or just standard dishes. I can not comment enough on how quiet this Samsung dishwasher is. It has clean lines and looks great in my kitchen.

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  30. 1 out of 5


    Horrible Piece of Equipment

    Put the Samsung DW80N3030US Dishwasher with third rack in our Brand new kitchen, I wish I had never heard of it. On our 2nd repair in less than 2 months of having it. It gets half way through a wash and it quits.

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  31. 1 out of 5



    I bought this dishwasher because of the utensil rack and i needed a new dishwasher.
    Very disappointed…the items on the utensil rack do not get washed properly, and my/ my husbands/ guest “hips” keep turning on the dishwasher all the time. That’s so annoying. I know about the feature for locking the keypad, however it shuts off after an hour. I need to return this dishwasher now.

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  32. 5 out of 5


    So quiet, I didn’t even notice

    When I was considering getting a new dishwasher, I knew a new appliance would tackle a lot of the pain points I felt in on old washer. But I didn’t realize how much I was going to love the Samsung (Front Control) dishwasher. My biggest issue with my last dishwasher was that it was loud the whole time it was running – you could hear the cycle changes.

    Living in a New York City apartment, it’s small. And running the dishwasher at night would often wake me up even if it was on a timer and went off in the middle of the night. My Samsung dishwasher is so quiet that I don’t even know when it’s running – honestly, even if you’re touching it for vibrations you can’t tell! The third (top) wrack seemed a little gimmicky at first, but honestly, it’s really useful when you have a random, long thing to wash. I’m very pleased with the quality of my Samsung Dishwasher and highly recommend it to light sleepers!

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  33. 5 out of 5


    Quiet Dishwasher

    This dishwasher is great! The design is very modern and sleek. The 3 levels for items is a nice feature. There are also multiple options for washing functionality. My favorite feature is how quiet is operates. I can barely tell that it’s running! Overall I’m very pleased with this dishwasher.

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  34. 5 out of 5


    Awesome product

    This dishwasher is awesome!! it’s great for a big family. The versatility of the triple tier rack can be configured to your cleaning needs. From big to small pots and everything in between. The front access panel is a great. Choosing your setting is much easier and convenient. Just close the door, select your function and washing cycles and let it do it thing. It has some bells and whistle and that digital leak senor can prevent a big mess from happening. Also, it is so quiet when it running that you won’t know that it washing. Overall if you are looking for an upgrade this dishwasher could be for you. You can compare with other products but in my opinion, you get more bang for your buck.

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  35. 2 out of 5


    Under Impressed

    i probably just got a dud, two months in and it’s erroring out.

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  36. 5 out of 5


    Overall Impressed

    We had a not so great dishwasher and this dishwasher was our awesome replacement! We’ve had the opportunity to try it for a few weeks now, and overall we are pretty impressed! The third rack at the very top has been great for washing things like sippy cup lids, utensils, etc. It’s really helped to free up more space in other sections of our dishwasher. We are really pleased with the work this dishwasher is doing for us. We are able to fit more in it than our last dishwasher, and it is so much quieter. We would definitely recommend this one to others!

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  37. 5 out of 5


    Incredibly Quite but Super Powerful

    I was very much looking forward to getting my new Samsung Dishwasher. When we purchased our home last October it had a Samsung Dishwasher installed however it was not working properly and we were shopping around for a new one when this awesome opportunity came around. I love the look and ease of functionality with the buttons. This machine is super quiet which is a huge plus seeing that we have an open concept home. The very top rack is so great for your larger utensils such as scrapers and even lids from cups. Knives are secure up there too. The utensil rack? What can I say, this thing is so big. It fits all the utensils in it and we are a large family. I am still getting used to the top rack for our glassware and bowls but I’m sure with a bit of time I will find my groove. The bottom rack is very spacious for all of our dishes and even a pot and/or large bowl or two. All in all we are very pleased with the ease of use, how quiet it is, how well it cleans our dishes and glassware and the sleek style.

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  38. 5 out of 5


    Ultra-quiet Dishwasher

    We purchased the Samsung (DW80N303) Front Control Dishwasher to replace our aging dishwasher. Wow! What a difference. The dishwasher is so quiet compared to our old appliance, and all the dishes come out sparkling clean, even when they are not rinsed properly (thanks kids!)
    The bottom level holds plenty of dishes and has a large cutlery rack which holds all our silverware. The upper rack holds all of our cups and glassware and is super easy to adjust up or down, making more room for the lower rack if necessary.
    There also is an upper 3rd rack. This was a surprise. It’s meant for larger cutlery items and knives, but we also place tops and lids for cups on it.
    We use a rinse aid to facilitate cleaning and drying, and it appears to help. The controls on the front of the dishwasher are easy to use, and each time you power up, it defaults to your last settings. The buttons are considered ‘soft touch’ and they are easily activated if brushed with your body. There is a lock feature which would be definitely useful with younger children in the home.
    We are truly satisfied with our new Samsung dishwasher, and truly appreciate the quietness and how well it cleans our dishes!

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  39. 5 out of 5


    Top of the line dishwasher

    I am overwhelmed that I get a chance to own the newest and top of the line Samsung dishwasher front control with hybrid interior. I am so much happier with its sophisticated and state of the art design. A lot of people are impressed with its sleek design and performance. Its digital touch controls make a lot of difference. I have an option to choose from different cycles such as my dishes from normal, heavy, express 60. I also have an option to put it in hi-temperature, sanitize, heated dry. On top of it, it’s very quiet while washing the dishes. Moreover, I like the fact that it has an adjustable rack that can accommodate different height and sizes of different dishes.
    I am very impressed with its impeccable performance. As I always say, if it comes from Samsung, it’s next to perfection.

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  40. 5 out of 5


    Impeccable Dishwasher

    I am overwhelmed that I was chosen to try this Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel! My dishwasher just got broken a month ago and I really need a replacement one!
    First of all, the exterior of the dishwasher is so high-tech! And the front controlled panel makes it more sophisticated and state of the art technology. The front controlled panel makes it easy to select functions with a gentle touch of a button. I love that it has an adjustable rack where I can put all types of dishes. It can also provide a heavy-duty wash system that can really clean and wash my pots and baking materials.
    In addition, this is the quietest dishwasher that I have used in my life. Nobody can really say that it’s washing the dishes inside since there’s no noise at all.
    I can go from normal to heavy wash or a high-temperature wash but no irritating noise at all.
    On top of it, it really cleans right and nice! After all, If it’s from Samsung, it always comes with PERFECTION!

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  41. 5 out of 5


    Excellent Upgrade

    This dishwasher is whisper quiet! It thoroughly cleans my dishes even when they have residue on them. I am very happy with the look and the performance.

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  42. 5 out of 5


    Excellent dishwasher

    I am really impressed with the dishwasher and Samsung brand products overall. Here are some highlights:
    -the machine takes awhile to complete a cycle, but the dishes are you sparkling clean.
    -the machine is super quite.
    -ample room and a top rack that pulls out. Great for placing loose items like container tops or longer utensils.
    -options range from manual to heavy duty. Simple and easy to understand.
    -theres a food trap that’s easy to remove and clean.

    All in all, the dishwasher gets the job done efficiently and effectively!

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  43. 5 out of 5


    So Quiet and Stylish!

    Since UPGRADING my dishwasher to this beautiful stainless steel Samsung dishwasher I can honestly say I am so much happier! I love everything about the design and appearance! Its quieter than any others I have used. I love the Express wash button for those days when I am behind in my chores. I love the child lock feature for the buttons because with toddlers in the house the dishes end up being started and stopped at the wrong times. I only have one negative but it’s something I have experienced with every dishwasher and that’s just that is just that I wish the dishes were dryer at the end of the wash. Another positive is that top shelf!! A life saver. I never realized how much I needed this shelf until I had it and it makes my life so much easier. These shelves move in and out so smoothly as well! So Samsung does in again and steals my heart with another amazing product that anyone would be lucky to own!

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  44. 5 out of 5


    Nice new diswasher

    I absolutely love having this new dishwasher by Samsung. It cleans out dishes very well, and is very quiet. There is a nice variety of Cycles (fast cycle, regular, sanitize, etc.) and I also like having a top slide-out rack – it is so convenient. Overall, I am a big fan and so far, it has performed well and cleans our dishes well too.

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  45. 5 out of 5


    Dynamic Dishwasher

    I was very eager when the dishwasher was delivered. I could definitely see a difference in the amount of insulation around the Samsung dishwasher compared to my old one. I love the stainless steel finish, it is very sleek. The dishwasher is super quiet, you don’t know it is running. I am very excited that the dishes come out extraordinarily clean, no spots or need to dry. The other amazing feature is that it has 3 racks, the top one for small items, the other racks are very spacious in between. My family and friends want one now.

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  46. 5 out of 5


    I love this dishwasher

    I love this dishwasher! It is so quiet, has superior dishwashing power and is very innovative. I love the touch screen like buttons on it and the option of a sanitize makes me feel like my dishes are extra clean. It has a great storage capacity as well as amazing power to get all my dishes sparkling clean. Awesome dishwasher! i would highly reccomend it.

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  47. 5 out of 5


    Hubby did good

    My husband got the new Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel, and I couldn’t be happier. First off it’s a whole lot sleeker than the one we’ve had since the 90’s and man, is it ever quiet. The reviews I had read said it was supposed to be quiet but compared to what I had before it’s like night & day. There are times when I’m in the kitchen cooking up dinner and I forget that it’s running.
    The third rack is amazing for our silverware. We could load the entire drawer and still wouldn’t fill up the third rack. We took out the silverware holder on the bottom so we could fit in more dishes. We went from using 2 pods to do a load of dishes to using just one now. We haven’t tried adding a drying agent yet, and sometimes there’s still a little water in the bottom of a couple of coffee cups. Maybe we’ll try that and see if it makes a difference. The controls are easy to accidentally hit and change, so when you run it, you should put on the control lock (hold down the heated dry button for 3 seconds). With the added room we get from the 3rd rack, I might stop washing pots & pans by hand now that there’s extra room in the dishwasher for them.
    We are very pleased with this purchase and would recommend the Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel wholeheartedly.

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  48. 5 out of 5


    Hard-Working and Attractive

    The Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel is very successful in removing stuck on food and leaving the dishes sparkling clean.It has a sleek modern appearance and easy to clean and polish exterior of door.It has very low noise when running and the 60 minute express wash seems to work perfect for everyday cleaning of dishes.The upper third row rack comes in handy for larger cooking utensils and lids.

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  49. 5 out of 5


    Love my new dishwasher!

    I love my new Samsung front control dishwasher with hybrid interior in stainless steel. It’s super quiet, you can’t even tell it’s on, i love the 3rd shelf, it fits so many dishes in it and my dishes come out sparking clean. #theinsiders #samsung

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  50. 5 out of 5


    Best design ever

    I am in love with the style of the dishwasher. Everyday I see it, I am really happy about it. Especially the size and function it has. Save our electricity and water bill. Its quiet so I can enjoy watching the movie or tv while the dishwasher is working. Really appreciated the work it done for us.

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  51. 5 out of 5


    My Wife is Thrilled

    My wife convinced me that this purchase would make her life easier. And she was right. The whole process from ordering to the first use was so easy. First setting up the delivery was a breeze. When the delivery drivers came they had the new dishwasher unboxed before it came in the house. We had previously removed the old dishwasher because an electrical connection needed to be installed. The dishwasher came in, water and electric and dish charge was all hooked up. It literally took less than 20 minutes. The dishwasher itself is a fine looking piece of machinery. It is sleek and fits well in the kitchen with a black refrigerator. I like how there is three drawers for things. Dishes on 1. Glasses on another. And a separate place for silverware and smaller items.
    The dishwasher is so quiet. I really thought something was wrong with it and opened it the first time it was running. The buttons are easy to use.
    We are very happy with the dishwasher

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  52. 5 out of 5


    Quiet and Fast!

    The dishwasher I’ve been using for the last few years is terrible. It’s loud, takes forever, and doesn’t do a good job. Switching to Samsung turned out to be a great idea. The new Samsung dishwasher is fast, super quiet, looks great, and cleans really well! If I’m in the living room I can’t even hear it! What a difference!

    It’s packed with goodies too. The auto-wash cycle, clean indicators so you know what it’s up to, and a dedicated utensil rack! The adjustable rack is also great. The digital touch controls feel much better to use than than my old dishwasher.

    And last but not least this dishwasher looks SO good! The stainless steel design is fantastic.

    I 100% recommend this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  53. 5 out of 5


    Quiet and Sleek

    Samsung has hit a home run with it’s front control dishwasher with Hybrid Interior! I love the look of the stainless steel, hybrid interior and the dark grey racks. The outside is very sleek and stylish enhancing my countertops perfectly and matching my other stainless steel appliances. It’s very quiet, user friendly with four standard wash options and you can change the temperature and dry heat if needed. I like the delay start option so I can run it in the evening when showers are done and don’t forget to start it. It can hold up to fifteen full place settings, it’s much larger than my previous dishwasher. I like the top 3rd row rack, it’s perfect for straws, utensils and knifes. It’s so quiet you barely notice it’s even on.

    Originally posted on

  54. 5 out of 5


    Quiet wash

    This dishwasher is super quiet, and holds way more than our previous dishwasher.
    I love the top tray, it’s invaluable for things that usually slip through to the bottom
    The stainless steel finish makes it very attractive. The dishes get nice and clean and it has a fast wash mode too

    Originally posted on

  55. 5 out of 5


    Discreet Dishwashing

    This dishwasher is amazingly quiet. Previous dishwashers were always extremely loud, requiring adjusting volumes of any activities you were trying to do while the machine was going. With this new Samsung dishwasher, you can start it and forget that it is even going. My mother started it while I was in the same room the other day and I didn’t even notice it has started.
    Quiet doesn’t mean it doesn’t get your dishes washed though; this Samsung dishwasher can really power through any left on food or grime effortlessly. No more stuck on food and having to pre wash dishes or wash them again after running them through the dishwasher – with the Samsung dishwasher it’s one and done!
    I absolutely love the sorting options built in to this dishwasher! Silverware has its own little space and cups are neatly kept in the correct position – no more turned over cups filled with water upon opening the dishwasher. With all of this, the Samsung dishwasher still is sleek and stylish and fits seamlessly into our kitchen. Absolutely love it and can’t recommend it enough!

    Originally posted on

  56. 5 out of 5


    Cleans well

    I am very impressed with my new Samsung Dishwasher. The stainless steel look matches my kitchen. The interior has the stainless steel finish which looks great. The dishwasher has 3 racks and the top rack can be removed. The top rack is mainly for spoons forks and utensils. It’s been a while since I am using this dishwasher and the performance seems great. Works quietly.
    It has different cycles and I usually opt for the auto cycle. I have a habit of rinsing my dishes once before putting them in dishwasher and it cleans them so well that my dishes sparkle. I am just a little unhappy about the drying. It doesn’t dry out my dishes well . When I open I still see a lot of moisture. Apart from that it’s pretty good.

    Originally posted on

  57. 5 out of 5


    Excellent dishwasher

    This dishwasher is spacious and the third rack makes loading the dishes so much easier. The cycles are super quiet and the buttons are easy to navigate. Dishes always come out very clean. We are happy with our new dishwasher

    Originally posted on

  58. 5 out of 5


    Great Features, Quiet Operation

    This dishwasher has exceeded out expectations in every way. It has a third rack on the very top, perfect for flatware, but also has the traditional basket on the bottom rack, which can be removed to give you more room. The middle rack is adjustable, and the adjustment is easy to make and helps when you need to fit some larger items on the bottom.
    There are several modes to use, but the most unique is sanitize. For this, the dishwasher further heats the incoming water to help with killing germs and in general giving you cleaner dishes. I have been able to use this on stubborn grease on grill grates and it worked very well.
    The Auto mode is the most useful to us. Rather than having to decide how dirty everything is, this chooses the appropriate settings based on how dirty it determines your dishes are. I have no idea how it works, but it does work and is almost always the setting we leave it on.
    The controls are intuitive, but please note they are “touch”, and pressing them repeatedly may result in damage. They are very sensitive, and I have accidentally turned a cycle on by leaning against the counter. This is easily taken care of by enabling the control lock, which prevents this.
    The level of quiet we get from this dishwasher is unexpected. We went from a dishwasher that had to be run at night due to it being too loud to being able to run this and have conversations right by it with no issues.
    This is a great dishwasher for our family, and we are really enjoying the features and overall quality we have experienced. Samsung makes great appliances, and this is a worthy addition to the lineup.

    Originally posted on

  59. 5 out of 5


    Powerful and quite! Ask me and I’ll tell you!

    I really am like this dishwasher, it looks fancy and works amazing! I was surprised about how much room it truly has! Deep was for those heavy dinners, but a quick cycle for your everydayers! I like the sanitize option and the heat to dry works amazing. I would buy another and if any of my friends ask me I’ll tell them the same. It’s so quiet and clean looking I got the black one, but I wouldn’t throw rocks at the stainless.

    Originally posted on

  60. 5 out of 5


    Best dishwasher ever

    I love this dishwasher! It works so much better than my last one. It truly maximizes space for dishes and it cleans like no other! I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. I really love the the third drawer as it really allows me to maximize space as mentioned.

    Originally posted on

  61. 5 out of 5


    Great and easy to use

    I have been using this wonderful dishwasher for 6 weeks so far, everything is the way it is supposed to be.

    Quiet and efficient, all items come out neat and shiny and it does not miss a spot on any dish or utensil.

    Easy to use with the front touch control panel, the manual is short and easy to follow.

    excellet child lock feature specially if you have a three year old boy like me who wants to venture and discover.

    Finger print resistant and the white ivory color is very nice.

    Thank you Samsung, this product is well built and designed to last for a very long period of time.

    Originally posted on

  62. 5 out of 5


    Our New Dishwasher

    I’m really liking our new Samsung dishwasher. It’s quiet which is good since our kitchen is next to the family room. The dishwasher is easy to operate. It does a good job drying the dishes. That saves me a lot of time too. I have noticed that the soap usage is efficient. There’s no clumpy unused detergent after wash cycle. The dishes clean.

    Originally posted on

  63. 5 out of 5


    Great New Dishwasher

    so far i am loving this dishwasher, it has replaced a higher end dishwasher that was not doing such a great job at cleaning. we were expierencing spots, streaks, cloudy glasswear.

    Originally posted on

  64. 5 out of 5


    Elegant and sleek dishwasher

    First and foremost, this dishwasher is beautiful (or as beautiful as a dishwasher can be) and gives my kitchen more of a high end feel. I love that it has separate water sprayers for the top and bottom shelves so that if you put something bulky down below, it doesn’t block water getting to the top. My favorite feature about this product though, is the little tray at the top! It is perfect for spatulas, silverware, plastic ware lids, and other little things that might fall to the bottom during a cycle. It runs quietly and cleans everything efficiently. Love this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  65. 5 out of 5


    Silent Scrubber

    So excited to have a nice dishwasher!! I’m still learning all the cool features, but install was super fast & easy. Our old model was loud and we had to clean everything prior to washing. Those two issues have been resolved with our new one! So excited, it’s so quiet and when the kids forget to pre-rinse, it does the job! Love the top tray for little things I was never certain how to include them. So many different stacking configurations. Lots of settings to save energy too. Excellent in every way!

    Originally posted on

  66. 5 out of 5


    Amazing Dishwasher

    I was so excited when my wife announced we were getting this Samsung Dishwasher. It is so sleek and beautiful. It has very hot setting for washing our dishes and also great heat for drying them. It is whisper quiet, sometimes have to double check to make sure its on. The third tray is so handy for cooking utensils and knives. I am just so thrilled to have this in our home! It really is a beautiful looking machine.

    Originally posted on

  67. 5 out of 5


    Awesome Dishwasher

    Our previous dishwasher was a dinosaur. It was loud, old and clunky looking, and we almost had to wash our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher to have them come out clean. Then we received the new Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior and life got better. No more “washing before the wash”, no more turning the television up because we couldn’t hear it over the dishwasher. This machine is quiet, effective and efficient! I would highly recommend this machine.

    Originally posted on

  68. 5 out of 5


    Sleek Quiet Efficient

    For years I put up with a loud clunky dishwasher that barely washed the dishes. It was so awesome getting the Samsung dishwasher. Not only does the machine have a sleek black design that looks beautiful in the kitchen it also is super quiet and queens the dishes and leave the glasses spotless. Bees of its operation is wonderful because of the Simplicity for everyone to use. Not only do we have clean dishes again but we can run the dishwasher when there is people around and still able to hear. You have done it again Samsung

    Originally posted on

  69. 5 out of 5


    Definitely worth the upgrade!

    I am so satisfied with my new Samsung dishwasher. It is extremely quiet; most of the time I can’t even tell it is on. I also love the very top rack which is a great addition. I place sharp knives and a variety of utensils on the very top rack. Lastly, it holds a very large amount of dishes! I absolutely LOVE my new Samsung dishwasher!!!

    Originally posted on

  70. 5 out of 5


    Sleek design

    I love the sleek design of this dishwasher. It has deep racks to place your glasses, dishes, and pots and pans in. It also has a third rack that I use constantly to wash my larger utensils. Everything comes out spotless no matter what I am washing. I like the multiple modes for cleaning because you are able to adjust from pots and pans or heavy cleaning to express cleaning. Because the racks are so large I am able to fit all of my normal dishes in it but also my baking sheets or larger pans.
    The front buttons are very sensitive so you have to pay attention that you have not accidentally turned the washer on as you are doing your food prep or walking by it. This dishwasher has become my new best friend. No matter if you are cooking and washing for a housefull or just a smaller family, this is the dishwasher for you.

    Originally posted on

  71. 5 out of 5


    Samsung Dishwasher

    Samsung has made a huge improvement in the world of dishwashers. The styling is sleek and clean and modernizes the look of the kitchen. The dishwasher is simple enough for a child to operate and has very clear indicator lights as to where it is in the cycle. The delay start feature is nice for families on power plans to ensure the dishwasher runs outside of peak hours. The inside has a cool feature for holding silverware and keeping them separate to ensure they are cleaned. The most powerful feature of this dishwasher is what you don’t see or hear. Even standing in the kitchen you cannot hear it running.

    Originally posted on

  72. 5 out of 5


    New Samsung Dishwasher

    This Samsung dishwasher replaced a different brand that was already in the house when we moved in a few years ago. The old one was fairly noisy. This new one is quiet enough that we can easily watch tv while its running a full cycle.

    The install didn’t go very smoothly because my outlet was more than 6 feet away. I ended up installing it myself. So far its working perfectly and cleans my dishes very well.

    I really like that 3rd rack on top for putting small items.

    This Samsung dishwasher matches perfectly with my new Samsung stove and refrigerator.

    Originally posted on

  73. 5 out of 5


    Awesome Dishwasher

    I love this Samsung dishwasher. It cleans the dishes to the tee with no spots and dries great with the heated option. The 3rd rack is great for my larger utensils and knives. The express 60 works wonders. Its very easy to use with all the cycle and options on the front panel. The design is very cool and we are enjoying it very much.

    Originally posted on

  74. 5 out of 5


    Quietest Dishwasher Ever!

    Full disclosure, my last dishwasher was over 20 years old. However, I have had family and friends come over to my house and compliment on how quiet it is!

    Pro: Very quiet, cleans very well. very sleek looking.

    Con: Cycle takes too long. Drying does not work very well (even with rinse aid).

    Originally posted on

  75. 5 out of 5


    Powerful, yet quiet!

    I have had this dishwasher for almost 2 weeks now, and I love it. It is so quiet that you can bearly tell when it’s washing, that is very impressive. The top rack is great for all the little extras like wooden spoons etc. The Express cycle is a very handy feature, only an hour and you have clean fresh dishes. The sanitize option is great for baby bottles and binkys. The design is very sleek and stylish looking fitting into my kitchen perfectly. Overall this is an amazing dishwasher and I am very pleased that I chose it.

    Originally posted on

  76. 5 out of 5


    Great Upgrade for any kitchen

    We received this dishwasher about two weeks ago and we are very happy with the upgrade! It looks incredibly sleek and highend. The function keys are very simple the understand. This was an issue with an older dishwasher so it was nice to have function keys that were very clear!

    Some keys features that stand out:
    – The top slim rack for large cooking utensils! Large knives, spatulas and thongs all fit nicely on this rack! This this feature
    – It’s extremely quiet, much quieter than our old unit! Sometimes we have to get close up to hear that it is on.
    – Express wash, I like this option, although I wish it were closer to 30-45 min. It’s still about an hour.
    – large Pots and pans can’t really fit due to the 3rd rack but I guess that is a sacrifice you have to make due to spacing limitations. For our use, it’s not that big of a deal. We typically wash pans by hand anyways.
    – Heated dry, this could use some adjustments. While it does dry dishes for the most part, there is still a decent about of water and precipitation left after it’s been ran. We do have to do some drying on certain dishes upon removal.

    Overall, the cons are minimal and the Pro greatly outweigh them. We would recommend this dishwasher to friends or family in the market for a dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  77. 5 out of 5


    Perfect for a busy family!

    We are so happy with our decision to upgrade our dishwasher! The third row in the top is awesome for knives, kitchen utensils, even kids lids! It makes us have so much more space. My only complaint is the layout for the plates, makes it a little difficult to fit all the needed plates in! But it does a great job of cleaning!

    Originally posted on

  78. 5 out of 5


    Clean and quiet

    i like this dishwasher because it’s quiet and makes a musical tone when finished. it’s easy to use and the blue lights on panel are easy to see. the top drawer is a good addition. overall i recommend!

    Originally posted on

  79. 5 out of 5


    So Happy!

    i love the stylish design & how quiet this dishwasher is. my dishes come out sparkling clean, no prewash needed! the variety of wash cycles gives me the option to clean my dishes based on soil level.

    Originally posted on

  80. 5 out of 5


    Super quiet!

    i love my samsung dishwasher, it’s so quiet that i don’t have to turn the sound up on my tv in the next room. i love the 3rd shelf my dishes come out sparkling clean

    Originally posted on

  81. 5 out of 5


    great dishwasher

    samsung have never failed us with any appliance. this dishwasher is great, cleans really well and almost silent . it is very spacious and designed well to fit dishes for a big family.

    Originally posted on

  82. 5 out of 5


    I love this dishwasher!

    i love this dishwasher. it’s front control panel is super easy to use, has a convenient top row for extra long cooking utensils, is whisper quiet and the stainless steel is a nice touch.

    Originally posted on

  83. 5 out of 5


    The best dishwasher i have ever used

    it’s so roomy that we can clean up an entire cookout in just one load. my favorite feature is the third row sanitizing tray. it’s perfect for small things that normally just take up space.

    Originally posted on

  84. 5 out of 5


    Best dishwasher i have ever used

    it’s so roomy that we can clean up an entire cookout in just one load. my favorite feature is the third row sanitizing tray. it’s perfect for small things that normally just take up space.

    Originally posted on

  85. 5 out of 5


    It Just Works

    what i will say about this dishwasher is that it may not have a lot of options or technicals bells and whistles, but that is what makes it easy to use. the 3 rows make it easy to organize.

    Originally posted on

  86. 5 out of 5


    Quiet and Stylish

    this dishwasher is so quiet you forget it’s on. there are three racks and four cycles you can pick the pressure and water temperature. it’s so large it can fit 15 plate settings at one time.

    Originally posted on

  87. 1 out of 5


    Incredibly Disappointing

    I just recently installed this as part of a kitchen renovation. I was SO excited..but have been SO let down. 1. There is no rinse only cycle. 2. If it is stopped mid-cycle (say, by a child’s wandering hand) there is no restarting it where it left off. 3. It is super sensitive. I have started it, stopped it, and turned it on just by brushing it as I walked by or leaned over it. 4. The heated dry cycle is useless. 5. It just doesn’t clean as well as my old one.

    I would return this if I could. That should-be-amazing third rack that was so enticing is just not worth it.

    Originally posted on

  88. 5 out of 5


    My dishes are finally spotlessly-clean!

    I was extremely excited for the delivery and installation of our new Samsung Dishwasher. Since moving into our house, a little over a year ago, we have never been happy with our current dishwasher, even though it was a newer, “high-end” model. We have always felt that our dishes never came out truly clean. We’ve dealt with streaks and smears left on dishes and pots and pans. A white film left on everything in the dishwasher, no matter what we tried. We experimented with different detergents, liquid vs. powdered detergents, and detergent additives. We even tried more “green friendly” options and nothing made us satisfied with how our dishes came out after washing. Our neighbors even told us that it was “just the hard water” in our area. We gave it quite a workout with it’s first extremely full load of dishes, and I am pleased to say, after the first time running our new Samsung Dishwasher, our dishes came out sparkling-clean! No streaks, no spots, no white film. Just extremely clean dishes, pots and pans, and glassware. We couldn’t be more happy with the results! Also, the unit is easy to load, we love the adjustable top rack as well as the tray at the very top, where you can lay those hard-to-fit utensils or small items that may fall through the regular racks. And these items also come out just as clean as the dishes in lower racks. I do have to also mention that this is a great-looking appliance. Very clean lines on the front with no protruding handles or buttons. It’s also extremely quiet! It’s in a part of the kitchen that is closest to our living room and we can’t even hear it running while we are watching TV.

    Originally posted on

  89. 1 out of 5



    I bought this product less than 4 months ago. The dispenser for the drying agent broke and Samsung had someone come and replace it under the warranty. The middle rack is already coming apart and rusting. I brought this up and they wouldn’t do anything about it. I would expect parts on an appliance to last longer than 4 months. The buttons are very sensitive and the even the short cycle runs forever. I would definitely NOT buy this again!

    Originally posted on

  90. 5 out of 5


    Very quiet dishwasher

    I am happy with this super quiet dishwasher. I like the touch panel with the LED light on it. It made from stainless steel and easy to clean. The dishwasher looks modern and clean. Perfect for my kitchen because all my kitchen appliances are made by stainless steel. Great stainless steel look.The size of dishwasher is perfect and they have three level racks. There is tons of room in this and the first rack helps me with small appliance. That’s what I always want. The drying feature save me a lot time to dry the dishes, so I can put it back. Love this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  91. 5 out of 5


    What a difference 20 years makes!

    This is my first appliance upgrade in over 20 years. My old dishwasher was on it’s last legs. I had it being held together (on the inside) with duct tape and hope. I got this Samsung dishwasher and could not believe the difference in the cleanliness of dishes ! They are squeaky clean! But I am getting ahead of myself. The whole process of purchasing the dishwasher, setting up delivery, and the actual delivery itself was so easy. The delivery persons un-boxed the machine on the street behind the truck, brought the dishwasher in, and within 10 minutes, had the dishwasher hooked up, and the old dishwasher was gone. This machine is SO quiet I was worried it wasn’t working. The first few times I turned it on (by the way, it beeps!) I opened the door to make sure water was coming in. It runs at such a low hum it no longer disturbs tv time, or even normal conversation. The top rack that I use for silverware is wonderful. I no longer “lose” anything when it slips through the silverware caddy. All of the add-on plastics are a wonderful addition. It holds wine glasses and prevents them from banging together. I also am able to “close” the utensil caddy to keep in small things like bottle tops and cake decorating tips. The machine offers a quick 1 hour wash. In the two weeks I have had it installed, the water usage has dropped dramatically. Also, this machine is PRETTY! It really is the best looking appliance in my kitchen right now. Great machine, great use. It really does a superb job at cleaning dishes and pots, glasses and plastic-ware.
    The ONE complaint I have is that when the dishwasher is complete, it does not tell you. All the lights go off.

    Originally posted on

  92. 5 out of 5


    It pays to upgrade

    This Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel replaced our old dishwasher that had to be close to 20 years old and WOW, it’s an incredible difference. The Samsung is whisper quiet. We used to turn up the TV in the other room if we wanted to watch while the dishes were washing but now you can be right next to it in the kitchen and almost forget it’s running. I really like the 3rd rack for our silverware. It frees up space on the bottom rack for mre plates & bowls. It’s done an excellent job at getting our dishes clean and uses half as much detergent as our old machine did.

    Originally posted on

  93. 5 out of 5


    Outstanding Dishwasher

    The Samsung Front Control Dishwasher really does really let you have your cake and eat it too! Out of the box comes the beautiful glistening stainless steel box of magic; immediately the front façade is dressed to impress. I absolutely love the front touch controls; they are not only simple to read but really easy to use. I love that it comes with a lock mechanism just in case my curious little one decides to play around with the console. The interior tub is beautifully and ergonomically designed; bonus being the third rack. My prior dishwashers never had this and I must say that it’s downright genius. Not only does it allow you to utilize more space on the bottom rack, it also allows me to wash some more delicate items such as sippy cup lids, silicone gaskets, or other flatware above. We’ve run a cycle every evening since its arrival and even a few express cycles midday and everything comes out sparkly clean. The different options do give you a lot of flexibility as well and our preference is to use the Express with Heated Dry when we need dishes done quickly. We just love how fast the cycle runs and find that our dishes come out just as clean. The feature that we love most is the delay wash option which has been a major time saver. We like to setup the delay to run overnight (3-6 hours) when the family has all finished with showering and it’s never missed a beat; no more waking up to dirty dishes because we forgot to run it. Lastly, Samsung has beautifully engineered this dishwasher to be so quiet that it still has us wondering if it’s even running at times. It’s nearly silent when even in an adjacent room from our kitchen (just for reference, we live in a small 800 sq ft condo and our prior dishwasher could be heard from our bedroom). I would recommend this dishwasher to anyone looking to upgrade or replace their existing unit! It’s not only beautiful, but also very simple to use, extremely spacious, whisper quiet, and super flexible based on your needs. Way to go Samsung on a fantastically designed dishwasher! We could not be any happier with our new Samsung Front Control Dishwasher!

    Originally posted on

  94. 5 out of 5


    Quietest Dishwasher Ever!

    I recently moved into a new house and the previous owners left behind their appliances. The previous dishwasher was ugly, slow, and LOUD. Buying a Samsung dishwasher was the best decision I could have made. The new one is beautiful, fast, and almost completely silent. If I’m 10 feet away in the next room I can’t even hear it! The fact that it’s twice as fast as my old dishwasher is also of course a huge plus.

    This dishwasher is jam-packed with features too. It has a dedicated utensil rack! The auto-wash cycle and adjustable rack are also super helpful. The digital touch controls feel much better to use than than my old dishwasher.

    Finally, this dishwasher looks SO good! The clean, stainless steel design is beautiful.

    I 100% recommend this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  95. 1 out of 5


    Not at all what I expected!

    I purchased this dishwasher a couple of months ago and had it installed professionally, first of all that thing is not quiet! Second the red zone did not clean my casserole at all, my cups were not cleaned as good as my 10 year old Kenmore washer and there is still water inside even though the whole cycle was done a few days ago. I really need to know if I am supposed to pay the whole thing dry myself….? I wouldn’t recommend this to a single person!

    Originally posted on

  96. 5 out of 5


    Best Dishwasher

    This Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior is by far the best dishwasher I have owned. The express cycle is extremely useful when you need a load of dishes cleaned right away. I also like the sanitize feature and the delayed start is useful. The third rack is great for smaller utensils that would normally fall to the bottom and it also provides more room in the spacious dishwasher. The advanced wash system has multiple rotating sprayers that get everything clean and spotless all while being nearly silent. I would definitely recommend this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

  97. 5 out of 5



    I had my new Samsung dishwasher delivered this week and have already washed and unloaded dishes.Everything seemed clean and sparkling.It has a nice big utensil caddy for washing your silverware and the third row top rack is an extra added bonus for for silverware or steak knives or serving spoons.I can see the third row top shelf having lots of cleaning uses in the near future.The pegs for placing your dishes seem to be proportioned nicely and sturdy.The stainless steel interior and spinning jet spinner is a great feature.I love the low noise when it in use.I’m still experimenting with the cycles.I’m gonna try the 60 minute express soon and see how it performs.My initial thoughts this first few days are it’s a wonderful addition to my busy kitchen.

    Originally posted on

  98. 4 out of 5


    Love the interior design

    I recently purchased this dishwasher. Upon arrival the installers weren’t too bright. I was glad my husband arrived home a few minutes after the installers so he could help these guys install it. Only one of the guys appeared to know what he was doing but still had problems that my husband had to help them with. I love the three shelves and the ability to raise and lower the second shelf to accommodate larger dishes in the first shelf. The silverware tray is so organized but has taken some getting used to compared to my old dishwasher that I just put the silverware into a big open compartment. The organization definitely speeds up the unloading process but doesn’t allow alot of silverware to be loaded. The only thing I feel is made a bit cheap is the second shelf flaps that attach to the side to come over small items that might turn over in the wash cycle. They are flimsy and feel very cheaply made.

    Originally posted on

  99. 3 out of 5


    cleans well if you put it back together each wash

    We bought this 2 months ago. The middle sprayer just sticks in and there is a notch under the middle rach it is supposed to seat in. Mine hnags down all the time. When I start my dishwasher I have to get down on my hands and knees to push it back in and them manually reseat it. As long as I reseat the sprayer each time, it cleans good. The dry cycle is mostly useless, still have to dry by hand.

    Originally posted on

  100. 1 out of 5


    Just about useless

    The design of this dishwasher is just silly. Every time you remove the filter to clean it, half of the junk it caught just falls out into the drain sump. The door seal was torn from the factory causing a nice water leak on our floor. After removing the dishwasher and tipping it to drain out the bottom catch pan we were able to get a warranty repair on the door seal.

    Now it’s a roulette game with an overfill error. That’s solved by ladling out the leftover water each time or starting a cycle and cancelling it to induce it to finish draining. A soggy noodle tends to throw the poor thing through a loop.

    The top rack is nice. We’ve enjoyed a few different Samsung appliances but not this dishwasher.

    Originally posted on

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