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Pioneer Elite Receiver | Klipsch Speakers | 5.1 Ch Home Theatre System (AVU-HTP-2)

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pioneer VSXLX105
  • 4 x Klipsch R50M
  • 1 x Klipsch R30C
  • 1 x Klipsch R101SW
  • 100 ft. OFC Speaker Wire

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This 5.1 ch home theatre system, with its dual sets of Klipsch R50M speakers, provides a well-rounded and immersive audio experience. The front and rear speakers work together to create a realistic sound environment, while the center speaker and subwoofer enhance dialogue clarity and bass response, respectively. The Pioneer VSXLX105 receiver ties everything together, processing and amplifying the audio signals for a cohesive home theater experience.

This home theatre package includes:

  1.  VSXLX105: This is the AV receiver. It acts as the central hub for audio and video processing. It likely supports advanced features such as 4K video pass-through, multiple HDMI inputs, and audio streaming capabilities. It amplifies and directs the audio signal to the appropriate speakers in the setup.
  2.  R50M (Front): The first set of R50M speakers serves as the main front left and right channels. These speakers are crucial in delivering the primary stereo sound, handling a significant portion of the movie soundtrack and music playback. They contribute to creating a broad and immersive soundstage.
  3.  R50M (Rear): The second set of R50M speakers is used for the rear or surround sound channels. These speakers are essential for creating a sense of space and depth in the audio, providing ambient sounds and effects that immerse the viewer in the middle of the action. They add a three-dimensional quality to the sound.
  4.  R30C: This is the center channel speaker, responsible for delivering clear dialogues and on-screen sounds. It’s typically placed centrally in relation to the TV or screen, ensuring that dialogue seems to be coming directly from the action on screen.
  5.  R101SW: The subwoofer, is designed to handle the low-frequency effects and bass. It adds depth to the sound and is crucial for experiencing the full impact of action scenes and music with significant bass content.
  6.  100 ft of 12 Gauge OFC Speaker Wire: High-quality, oxygen-free copper speaker wire ensures minimal signal loss and resistance, preserving sound quality, especially over longer distances. This allows for flexible and optimal placement of the speakers around the room.

Future-Proof Design with 7.2 Receiver: Understanding the evolving needs of our customers, this package includes a 7.2 channel A/V receiver, even though it’s configured as a 5.1 system. This choice is intentional, offering you the flexibility to expand your system in the future. With the additional channels available in the receiver, you have the option to add more speakers and enhance your setup to a 7.2 system when you’re ready. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your investment is not just for today but also caters to your future audio aspirations. Whether you decide to add more surround sound speakers, height channels, or another subwoofer for a richer bass experience, this receiver is equipped to handle your evolving home theater needs. It’s all about providing a system that grows with you, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying audio experience.

klipsch home theatre system

Peace Of Mind Warranty Package (Optional)

Upgrade your 5.1 surround sound system with our Peace of Mind package, now just $650, featuring a five-year comprehensive warranty and professional installation. This exceptional offer ensures not only long-term reliability but also the highest quality of setup. Our expert technicians will manage everything from efficient wire measurement and cutting, charging only for what you need, to precise system configuration for superior audio performance. Moreover, the package includes the convenience of eco-friendly disposal and recycling of your old unit. Choose our Peace of Mind package for an impeccably installed 5.1 surround sound system, backed by a five-year warranty and our commitment to outstanding service.

Please be aware that installation supplies and additional wire requirements are not included in the Peace of Mind package price and will be charged separately.

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