Your home should tell a story of you.  It should be a reflection of who you are as well as a collection of the things you love.

Furnishing your home should be more than picking a mass produced, cookie cutter piece off a showroom floor and hoping it integrates into your home once it’s there.  Creating your space should be personal, it should be unique, it should be you.

Sounds Fantastic believes in creating a home that is uniquely you.  Primarily known for our expertise in the areas of audio, video, and home entertainment, we also realize the importance of beautiful furniture and creating that one-of-a-kind impression that is as personal as your fingerprint. We have partnered with several Canadian manufacturers of custom home furnishings to give you access to a wide variety of options for your personal design project. A stunning variety of colours, fabrics, and materials are at your fingertips to help you create pieces that are as distinctive and individual as you are, and our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through every step of the process.

We have several samples of our supplier products in-store so you can personally see the quality of the items we carry. You can use this as a stepping stone in your selection process, or we can deliver an item straight off the floor if something we have speaks to you!  Feel free to browse our partner offerings through our website and let us assist you in creating your singular vision for your living space.

***Jaymar sale: Motorized headrest free of charge for all the models in the OPTIMA collection. This promotion will be in effect from January 16th to February 9th***